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Livestreams continue
After the first, somewhat, successful stream of Attacque Supérior, I am going to host another stream on February 2nd at 12:00 GMT.

So head on over to for more action from the mod.

By Hecthor Doomhammer on January 30, 2014
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Attacque Supérior - January 2014 status


2013 was a milestone for Attacque Supérior. During a long process of reintegrating every design, redeveloping every unit, scrapping and scavenging ideas, throwing purposes back and forth, AS now finally reached the state of a playable alpha, and getting better and better with every day passing by. Since late November, internal alphatesting have started, to tweak and fix the balance issues the sides have, as well as polishing every unit into their final role. Thanks for all people who have supported me through these years.
It's also a pleasure of mine to report that from next week onwards Attacque Supérior also joins to fellow mods Mental Omega APYR and Red Resurrection as broadcasted by your old friend, Hecthor Doomhammer, with the first teststream on January 17th, 2014, 19:00 GMT. Follow his Twitch channel and be prepared when the time comes.
Ofcourse, the work is not over. As one would say, this is only the beginning. Sadly the two new factions still have major artistic flaws and the website is well... yeah, as dull as a site could be, but it'll get resolved later, hopefully this year. Right now I'm aiming for a Q4 2014 release, but we'll see how time overrides this plan of mine.
In the meanwhile, I'll try to make sure everyone'll find Attacque Supérior interesting and keeping everyone updated about further development. If you, by any chance, would help Attacque Supérior's development, besides beta testing, voice acting and a helping hand at infantry/superweapon cameos would be grateful. I had an aim of creating a showcase video of the currently featured uniquely recorded voicesets in the mod, but I failed with my own schedule, sorry for this inconvience.
Happy New Year everyone, I wish all of you supérior luck for this year. Graion out.

By Graion Dilach on January 12, 2014
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It's too quiet here...
Hm. It's almost a year since I got hosted and since that moment, I shown nothing.

A lot have changed. All of a sudden, this mod turned into a partial conversion featuring five sides in my mind... and so I decided to make that happen.

And where am I now? If I wouldn't be such a failure upon cameos, this mod could have been showcased a while now. Ah well. We'll see how will I fix that. Currently minus cameos and some unit arts, 4 sides out of 5 are complete, only needs balance and some cleanup.

That's actually nice... but still, just words. So, let me showcase what I've done. :p

OK, so where shall I start... I know. You remember/seen that sidebar I released on PPM a while ago? Everybody said it's bad. Well, it got redone.

Posted Image

I think this one shall please everyone out there. Special thanks for Atomic Noodles to figuring out a nice shade for this.

And btw, Allies are green now.

Posted Image

You can see, I changed Allies outfit pretty much. Well, there is a reason for that. The United States and Korea are no longer part of them. Yeah, Allies got effectively degraded to Europe. This will be explained later. To end my post of this... I just showcase some units and the new voxel schemes through them.

Posted Image

German Claymore Tank

Posted Image

Antarctican Lasher Tank

Posted Image

Soviet Flak Track

Posted Image

Australian Mammoth Tank

Posted Image

German Schtauffen Armor Puncher

Posted Image

Antarctican Cobra

Ah, and thank you for your interest. I hope what I could show will be interesting for you.

By Graion Dilach on March 12, 2012
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